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June 12 2017

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June 10 2017

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Nude Barre, shot by Oceanwaerly

June 07 2017

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GIF IT UP 2015 entry, “Dissension”, from Tobias Rothe in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Source material courtesy Fondazione Federico Zeri—Università di Bologna. Tobias says:

My name is Tobias Rothe and I am an Dutch artist. Working on installations, photography and net art. I’m interested in cross overs: like to share ancient art/culture with contemporary technics/arts.

This GIF is made available under a CC-BY 3.0 License.

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“Grand Yellow” by Akatre, 2017

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Art like van ghoh but I’m not no hoe

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White Supremacy: A religion of love, a closer look

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In the Third Sleep - Kay Sage

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