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October 22 2017

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Cailin Russo

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Julia Wengenroth (German, based Krefeld, Germany) - Windblown, 2015  Photography

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October 21 2017

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Breaking wave , Dorset by stonelantern

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Model | @blacklorelei


Photographer | M A G N E S S

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mirrors, nyc.

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The Missing Landscapes of  Nigel Cox

Nigel grew up on the edge of Dundalk, a small market town in Ireland.
After graduating from school he chose to go to college in England. Partly because it seemed somehow more exciting than studying at home. After graduating from Riversdale College in Liverpool he joined the Transglobe Expedition, led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This three-year expedition successfully achieved the first circumnavigation of the globe on land, sea and ice via North and South poles along the Greenwich Meridian and changed his life forever.
During the expedition he was at sea, on an ice cap or in some remote location for weeks or months on end. This had a profound affect and the essence of this experience  strongly influenced his painting. Thanks Supersonicart.

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Posted by Andrew

October 20 2017

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´09 // 13 x 19 cm // collage on canvas // 2013 // www.isabel-reitemeyer.com

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© Amanda Elledge 

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