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November 08 2017

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via Kelela

Source: Soundcloud

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November 07 2017

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Austin’s Diary — “So identical, if it wasn’t for fingerprints no one can tell us apart.” Austin and Justin are identical twins with an intriguing story. The two were inseparable as they literally did everything together. They intentionally dressed the same and used any opportunity to confuse others. As energetic as they were, the unmatched duo were loved by many. Life was fun, it was real, it was memorable. But, this story takes a twist. Everything has changed! 

Photography: Benedict Adu
Videography: Travis Rhee
Direction/Production: Josef Adamu
Audio: Tobi Ogude, Yogi The Producer
Models: Austin & Justin Kpiebewieng

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Dmitri Gerasimov / Head in the Package / Photography / 2011

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You feel safe

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SONY - Discman D-150 portable CD player (1988)

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speaks for itself i think

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Arcademi TillJanz

Reposted byzielonykot zielonykot
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Christopher Anderson
USA. Brooklyn, NY. 2009. Marion on bed.

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Kiko Mizuhara for Weekly SPA! 9/19

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November 06 2017

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